#048-050 Janaki Larsen bowls for Pilgrimme Restaurant

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It's been a dream of ours to repair ceramics by Janaki Larsen. After several months of doing our repairs, we kept hoping that one of her ceramics would land in our studio! 

We were celebrating Nicole's birthday at Pilgrimme Restaurant -- a real treat since it was also our first time at Galiano Island. The flavours were out of this world, and we still can't stop thinking about the tuna confit. We obviously also had to take a peek underneath each of the dishes to see who the artist was behind each of the beautiful vessels that our food came in. If Ceramics, Rachel Saunders, and of course, Janaki Larsen were among the artists who made the ceramics at Pilgrimme. 

One thing led to another and ended up repairing three of the broken ceramics from Pilgrimme. Maybe it was the chaos of packing up from our trip with two toddlers in tow, but didn't realize it until the next day when we came home that the ceramics we had were by Janaki. Dream come true!