Michelle Grimm // Raku fired vase

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Vase measures approx 3.5" Dia x 7.25" H

Handmade, wheel thrown, one of a kind ceramic Raku Fired Vase with Mended with Gold Kintsugi repair. Mended with Gold uses Kintsugi techniques, modern materials and real gold for each repair. Raku is a low heat firing method and is not suitable to hold water.

Michelle Grimm, a talented ceramic artist based in Vancouver, employs atmospheric firing techniques to craft unique pieces that instill any space with a sense of organic beauty.

Michelle Grimm and Mended with Gold's collaboration celebrates each piece’s unique journey through the firing process. The kiln is an active participant in the firing processes, leaving behind ash deposits, warping, flame imprints and cracking. These are not to be considered flaws but rather a part of each piece’s inherent beauty.

Prior to its Mended with Gold repair, this piece has been fired in a gas kiln and immediately removed when firing temperature is achieved. Each piece is then individually placed into its own reduction chamber to allow for the penetration of carbon into the clay body. After slight cooling, each piece is then plunged into water to cool completely. This quick and extreme temperature change causes a thermal shock and results in cracking effect.

Please use caution when placing any ceramics onto delicate surfaces, as condensation may naturally occur. It is recommended to use felted foot pads to allow for air circulation under the vessel.

If you have additional questions about this piece, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or a message.