Emily Cheung // Wood-fired spherical vase with golden pinholes

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4.75in diameter x 4.5in height 

Emily Cheung is a Squamish-based artist, specializing in sculptural forms and atmospheric firing techniques. Wood-fired white stoneware vessel with a kintsugi repair by Mended with Gold.

Thrown and trimmed, this piece has been bisque fired, sprayed with flashing slip, then glazed and fired again in a wood kiln over 2 days. Each piece is one of a kind due to the firing process where burning wood produces ash and vapours that land on the pottery to create a glaze and to produce the toasty warm hues and unique effects each time.

Care: Not watertight — decorative or for dry stems only.

Pieces may be dusted or cleaned with a soft damp cloth as necessary. Unglazed clay surfaces are still porous and can be slightly rough, so a damp sponge is recommended, if needed. Handwashing is always recommended if absolutely necessary.

Bottoms of pieces have been sanded, but felt/cork pads are always recommended to protect surfaces.