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We started Mended with Gold thinking that we would sell ceramic repair kits and foster a community of ceramic enthusiasts. We didn't plan on doing the repairs ourselves until our friend Jesse presented us with bowls that cracked in the kiln. This led us to doing more research and testing, experimenting with different materials to create something beautiful and practical.

We didn’t understand how fulfilling it would be to repair sentimental items that hold stories and memories of loved ones - until we repaired this cup for Tess. It was her grandfather's and she had been using it every day since he passed it on to her. Tom and I were so touched that she trusted us with an item so precious - we really wanted to do a good job! Our hearts nearly burst seeing Tess reunited with her now repaired cup. We feel so honoured to now be a part of this cup’s story. This work is so fulfilling and we wouldn't have experienced this if not for this little corner of the world that we call our community. Thank you Tess, and thank you everyone for pushing us in this direction. We are so humbled, and so grateful.

If you're interested in our repair service, please fill out our form below and we can provide you with a quote. Our custom repairs use real 23k gold and are food safe. Every item and break is different, but our services typically range from $40-$300, depending on the extent of the repair.

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